Last weekend, Regine caught up with me by achieving her 3rd degree Taekwondo black belt. “Achieving” may not do her justice as she totally aced the test with maximum scores. I am very proud of her, as she is of herself.


Since I had little else to do but watch I was able to record her forms and board breaking. Below are links to both videos – the forms in particular may be helpful for anyone on the same path as they are all very well executed and may serve for preparation purposes.

The forms are: Koryo, Kum Gang, Toi Gye Hyung and the “White Tiger”, the creative form she made herself. (The latter, of course, can not be used in testing again). Click here to watch.

Her board breaking includes:

  • spinning hook kick
  • tornado back kick
  • reach hand strike (reverse chop)
  • jumping front snap kick
  • chop

To watch the video, click here.

Off to 4th dan, then. Will we be testing together for it?

Bodo Master Chun Karin

Grandmaster Chun, fellow student Karin and me after the testing.


It’s done! A rocky road it was, and testing was delayed by at least a year due to injuries and an extended stay in Germany earlier this year. Testing was on November 14, actually, but that weekend was overshadowed by most tragic events in Paris. It just wasn’t the right time for joyful news that matter so little in comparison.

At any rate, testing went well despite the usual bruises from board breaking. What may matter more to you is that during pre-testing I discovered quite a number of errors, omissions and ambiguous wording in my condensed curriculum sheets (a.k.a. “cheat sheets”) contained in the Taekwondo section of this website. So I will get to work over the next couple of weeks and update every single one of them. Surprisingly, this now rather private website still gets a bunch of hits each day, and people are downloading the PDFs. If you are one of them, or if you are planning to use the sheets which follow the World Taekwondo Federation’s curriculum, please be sure to check in a few week’s time. All sheets are dated so it’s easy to spot the updated ones.

As always, please feel free to e-mail me if you find things missing or incorrect.

If you were expecting a new blog on technology metals here and are now confused, please note that these topics have moved to an individual blog: http://bodoalbrecht.comthere are still a bunch of subscribers here who signed up specifically for my “Tech Metals Insider” comments on Kitco News. Please check out the home page of this blog for more information.

A New Website!

Hello everyone,

If you were wondering why this blog went quiet for a while, it was because it once again evolved into something new. Having started as a mostly personal project in 2008 under the influence of Seth Godin and the Triiibes movement, it took a turn two years ago when I started writing the “Tech Metals Insider” column for Kitco News.

This was accompanied by a growing number of speaking requests and more writing, which prompted me to now completely separate the two activities, and to reassign “The Eniqma” as my personal playground yet again.

So please check out my brand new website, humbly registered as bodoalbrecht.com to learn all about my new passion: speaking, writing and coaching on many things related to precious metals.

Website Capture 2015-06-11

See you there, and perhaps see you still here…. many thanks to all of you for reading my blogs over the years.


A year and a quarter ago, “Tech Metals Insider” launched on Kitco News. What started with the innocent question: “what would happen to precious metals if we all drove electric cars” has become a roller coaster ride into the worlds of energy generation, nuclear fission, transmutation, electronics, and many more. As I was informed by Kitco, my series is enjoying steadily increasing popularity, which is why it was now moved from the “Contributed Commentaries” to the “News” section further up on the website.

As happy as I am with this development, there are a few downsides, too: apart from confusion to readers who will not find my articles where they used to be, news items in this section of the website rotate more quickly, meaning that my articles will not stay on the homepage for an entire week. They drop below the fold after about two days where they are harder to find. Here is how to get to my column:

Once an article is published, you will find it labeled “Featured” on the homepage:



Afterwards, my reports can be found either by clicking “more news” and scrolling down, or via this direct link which takes you to the archive of all articles I have written so far (it may take a second or two to scroll to my name). Sorry about the inconvenience. I think it will be all for the better in the long run – we’ll see.

Many thanks to all of you who took an interest in my series, and to those who wrote in response to my sometimes controversial topics. I will continue to respond to all reader mail unless it is anonymous or contains personal insults – happy to report that there were VERY few of those so far. Have fun with the fascinating world of technology metals in 2015.

“Metal Chemistry – Exponential Developments that Shape our Future”

AIChE Logo

Presentation at the 8th Annual Energy and Resources Conference of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, New York Metro Section on September 15, 2014. Information is available here: http://www.aiche-metrony.org/2014%20Energy%20Conf%20flyer.pdf


“Automotive Catalysts – A Swan Song”

Presentation at the Fall Seminar of the International Precious Metals Institute, New York Chapter, on September 17, 2014. For information click here: http://www.ipmi.org/chap_mnyc/

Looking forward to seeing you at one of these events, or at any time during Platinum Week.

Degussa PforzheimCongratulations to my friends at Degussa on their new precious metals refinery in Pforzheim, Germany. History has gone full circle. Proud and grateful to be part of it. Here is a link to their original press release.

Only two cars were on display at the show: Hyundai’s updated ix35 which is on public roads already, and Toyota’s FCEV concept. Honda decided not to bring their prototype for some reason – their entire booth was surprisingly void of anything electric or “sustainable”. You have to wonder why they decided to do that.

If you follow my articles on KITCO News you will know that I had the privilege of driving the ix35 fuel cell car in Germany last year. So I was happy to get confirmation of their plan to release 1,000 fuel cell cars in California during 2014. The roll-out is about to begin, and the terms are very attractive: $499 monthly lease, which includes “all you can use” hydrogen for the duration of the term. There aren’t many refueling stations yet which is a downside, but California just pledged to build 200 of them, and the ix35 has a range of over 300 miles, similar to a Tesla, so it shouldn’t be too big of an issue unless you want to travel town-to-town.

Toyota FCEV

Toyota FCEV

Toyota, on the other hand, assured me that the prototype on display will be very close to the final product. The rear view cameras will be exchanged with conventional mirrors, of course, and crash test requirements will surely take a toll, too. I hope the sparkly headlight LEDs will stay; they look really cool (pic below). According to statements made by Toyota the company was able to reduce the cost of building the power train by over 90%, and they are planning to sell the cars below cost at a price comparable to a battery electric vehicle (typically $30-40k). Here is a link to a Toyota press release giving more information on their plans, and a link to a Reuters article on pricing.

If 2014 is the American year of the electric car, I have little doubt that 2015 will be the American year of the hydrogen car.

Toyota FCEV LED headlight

Toyota FCEV LED headlight

(Pictures: Felix Albrecht)

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