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Last weekend, Regine caught up with me by achieving her 3rd degree Taekwondo black belt. “Achieving” may not do her justice as she totally aced the test with maximum scores. I am very proud of her, as she is of herself.


Since I had little else to do but watch I was able to record her forms and board breaking. Below are links to both videos – the forms in particular may be helpful for anyone on the same path as they are all very well executed and may serve for preparation purposes.

The forms are: Koryo, Kum Gang, Toi Gye Hyung and the “White Tiger”, the creative form she made herself. (The latter, of course, can not be used in testing again). Click here to watch.

Her board breaking includes:

  • spinning hook kick
  • tornado back kick
  • reach hand strike (reverse chop)
  • jumping front snap kick
  • chop

To watch the video, click here.

Off to 4th dan, then. Will we be testing together for it?


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