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Hi everyone,

This blog is of a more personal nature: in 1979, I spent a month at Hampton High School in Hampton, VA, as part of a school exchange program. I stayed with the lovely family of Mrs. Brown who, in addition to her own four children, had quite a lot of foster children of all ages that she raised (the count was 102 children in 1982). Rodney then spent a month with my family and at my school in Frankfurt, Germany.

We met twice afterwards when my parents and I traveled to the USA; then we lost contact. I am trying to reconnect with Rodney.

The picture was taken in 1982 – Rodney front left, the older girls are his sisters Mary and Robin (my dad and I in the background). There was a third sister, Kathy, who is not in the picture. I don’t even have the old address anymore but seem to remember it was “Newport News Ave”… all a bit blurry. I’ve written to Hampton High School several times (still have the old “Crabbers” t-shirt from 1979) but I am not getting any answers. None at all, very strange.

Testing the “six degrees of separation” theory I am asking for your help: if you know anyone in Virginia or even in Hampton, would you mind forwarding this blog to that person? I am quite sure that a family this large will have left a trace in town.

Thanks a lot in advance – I’ll report back if I succeed, of course.


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