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Earlier this week my article on a modern day alchemist was published on KITCO News. It was one of the more fun articles to produce; initiated through a contact on LinkedIn and after several rounds of me guaranteeing fairness and secrecy, my interview partner Lewis Larsen was finally prepared to talk to me. I don’t blame him since he never met me. In reality, I was curious in what I like to think of as an open-minded way I generally approach “impossible” things with. At the end, Lewis was very pleased with the product, and gave his permission to publish it.

cropped-etween-lead-and-gold.jpgI also have to admit that alchemy and transmutations are things I first encountered in one of my fantasy computer games of old. Was it “Dungeon Siege”? Remember my old blog banner “From Lead to Gold” by GARD? I only retired it a few months ago. Anyway, I think we all more or less make the association of transmutation and mythological stories. So I was surprised to read all the background material provided by Lewis, read several more articles on the internet, and finally talk to someone who, instead of wearing a pointy hat (metaphorically speaking, I didn’t meet him in person), explained to me in rather logic and reasonable terms why transmutation is quite real and natural.

Quite fascinating, especially as precious metals are created as a “by the way” of producing very low cost energy through a low energy fusion process. Two unbelievable technologies in one box made the entire concept even more incomprehensible. But I, being the magician’s apprentice only of course, was unable to find much on the web disproving the idea beyond sarcasm and dismissive statements of a general nature. So why not? Now that the article has been out for a few days I am still waiting for reader mail debunking the story. Au contraire, a second alchemist wrote to me explaining how this was all old news. He is currently looking for money on Kickstarter to fund the scale-up of his own patent-pending process. I can’t help but admire anyone explaining in all seriousness how he is capable of transmuting silica (a.k.a. glass) into gold and iridium.

What an amazing encounter. What do you think? Alchemy: myth or possible?

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