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Published as the second book of the “Domino Project” series, “Do the work” re-emphasizes in a concise and easy to read way the theme of resistance that Pressfield wrote about in “The War of Art” so impressively. While the latter is still a must-read, “Do the Work” may serve as either a teaser for the real thing or as your second building block to start off on your path as a “Linchpin” – an analogy used by Seth Godin in his book of the same name urging us all to live more self-determined and fulfilled lives than we do today.

“Linchpin” is leaning heavily on Pressfield’s picture of the lizard, a symbol of the reptilian brain, that is holding us back by creating fear of change in us all the time, and so it makes sense to have him provide the second booklet of the series. Other than Godin, Pressfield does, however, tackle the aspect of failure and how to deal with it, which makes “Do the Work” special to me. In a recent discussion I asked Seth about why he is apparently ignoring the fallout of failure (see also my previous review on “Linchpin” on this blog to get the details of my argument), and he answered that – given a choice between my gloomy hyperbole of having to deal with failure and his hyperbole of looking forward to eventual success, he’d prefer his. Fair enough, but the issue remains and if Seth probed this “hyperbole” among his most faithful followers in his “Triiibes” club he might change his point of view.

Either way, Steven Pressfield helps us stare failure in the eye, and despite is brevity  “Do the work” provides a clear view of how to be considerate of the possibility of failure, and how to deal with it when it happens – without falling victim to the lizard brain. As such, “Do the Work” is a necessary and useful addition or even a missing chapter of “Linchpin” you should definitely read.

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