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More than a week since Seth Godin’s latest book “We Are All Weird” came out, and I still can’t get myself to buy or read it. It’s been reduced to $ 2.99 on Amazon (e-book version) so not even price is an excuse. If you know me, that’s weird! I’ve been an admirer of Seth’s work for many years, I am a first generation member of his online club “Triiibes”, and his work has greatly inspired and helped both my business and the way I look at this world in general. So what happened?

Ever since “Linchpin”, a monumental turning point in Seth’s focus, he has carpet-bombed the world with more of the same: the “Domino Project” illuminating every aspect of his topic, workbooks, e-books, “Graceful” – a book that blew by me unnoticed – and now “We are all Weird”.

My issue with all this is: Linchpins have always existed, they aren’t Seth’s or anybody else’s invention, and repeating the message over and over again won’t change a thing: being special cannot be learned. If you don’t have the virus already you won’t even know about these books. It’s in you or it isn’t. It is a combination of character, pain level and a spark. You don’t need another book to bring out the Linchpin you already are. And that’s all that needs to be said about it.

My final turnoff was Seth’s blog advertising the new book: I kept on reading his synopsis waiting for ANYTHING new, a new angle, a new topic, a new idea. But: nada, it read like a summary of “Linchpin” followed by raving reviews written by some of my fellow Triiibes-folks (in other words: his most loyal fans). Adding those reviews sunk the whole blog from a level of “personal, heartfelt and urgent” straight to the bottom of “buy my book” advertising. All of his own lessons forgotten?

I continue to admire Seth for his earlier work, and for his always brilliant and creative mind, but he has lost me on his current path. The world didn’t stop turning two years ago, important transformations are taking place and I am waiting for the day when Seth will emerge from fighting his demon to contribute thoughts and inspiration to the things that really matter right now.


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